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Walker Strikes Hawkish Tone At NRA Gathering

Speech Links Gun Freedoms To Tough National Security Stance

Chas Cisk/WPLN

Gov. Scott Walker used a speech to the National Rifle Association in Nashville Friday to call for a more aggressive foreign policy, calling for attacks on terrorists overseas and a stronger partnership with Israel.

Walker began his remarks by touting concealed carry and castle doctrine bills he signed into law and telling the crowd he owned a shotgun, a rifle and bow. But he quickly pivoted from guns to an energetic stump speech where he ripped government spending and said the biggest thing that concerned him today was national security.

“I call it safety. National security’s something you read about on page 7 of the paper. Safety’s something you feel right here. When I see that video of that Jordanian burned alive in a cage. When I see those Christians from Egypt and elsewhere that are beheaded, that’s something you feel,” Walker told the audience.

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Walker drew some of his biggest applause from the NRA crowd when he said he wanted a rresident who would “say that Israel is an ally and start acting like it.”

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