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Northern Wisconsin Officials Say Storms, Flooding Haven’t Dampened Tourism

Most Businesses Remain Open, According To Chamber Of Commerce


Two weeks of severe weather haven’t deterred tourists going to northwestern Wisconsin.

Ashland Chamber of Commerce director Mary McPhetridge said a short period of confusion followed the flooding and subsequent road closures, but businesses are open.

“People were really at a standstill, like, ‘What should we do? Where do we go?’ And so they saw on the first two days some decline, but it’s been very busy this last weekend,” she said.

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Tina Miller, owner of the Inn at Timber Cove in Ashland, said a storm last week woke her and her guest up in the early morning.

“Woke up to shattering glass and my first thought was get everyone to the basement, so I got the guests to the basement that were in the house. And next thought was get to the cottages. We get to the door and the trees were flying.,” she recalled.

Miller said about 300 trees are down across their property but the lodge remains open for business and several guests stayed to help with cleanup.

The Chamber of Commerce’s McPhetridge said the community has come together to repair heavy damage in some areas and guests should have no concerns coming to the region

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