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Amish Family Faces Eviction In Smoke Detector Case

Family Says Dwelling Code Violates Religious Freedom

LucasH15 (CC-BY-NC-SA)

An Amish family in Eau Claire County is facing eviction from their home for failing to install smoke detectors.

Amos and Vera Borntreger of the Village of Fairchild have been found in contempt of court for failing to comply with the state’s Uniform Dwelling Code. The family claims, through attorney Matthew Krische, that installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors required by the code would violate their religious freedom.

“So the home will be placarded and they will have to leave. The county got permission to use the sheriff’s department to do this, which means law enforcement would actually be involved in removing people from the property,” Krische said.

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Krische expects the eviction of the Borntregers and their four children will take place sometime this week. He said the Borntregers have agreed to appeal the judge’s decision and ask for a stay of the eviction order.