Survey: Most ACA Marketplace Users Satisfied With Health Plans

Commonwealth Fund Finds Many Wouldn't Have Recieved Care Without Insurance

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Most people who have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act say they they’ve used their plans and like them. That’s according to a national survey by the Commonwealth Fund that found 77 percent of marketplace enrollees are “very” or “somewhat” satisfied.

“This would take into account people’s experiences with their plans, getting health care, and it would also likely reflect how much people have to pay for their insurance and what they have to pay when they go to the doctor,” explained Sara Collins, Commonwealth’s vice president of health care coverage and access.

The Kaiser Family Foundation showed similar rates of satisfaction with coverage, though it noted consumers are less satisfied with the affordability of their insurance. This was also a concern for emergency room doctors, who have said many patients have high out-of-pocket costs.

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More than 60 percent of those surveyed by the Commonwealth Fund said they wouldn’t have been able to afford health care before getting Medicaid or buying coverage on the marketplace. That survey also found the national uninsured rate was about 13 percent this spring.

A Gallup poll found Wisconsin’s uninsured rate was 8.4 percent in 2014. State health officials say it was 11 percent the year before that. Many experts say convincing Americans who are still uninsured to sign up for coverage is key to keeping the marketplace working.

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