Starting Next Season, Badgers Football Will Be More Closely Monitored For Concussions

Independent Athletics Trainer Will Watch For Signs Of Head Trauma On Video Replays

Camp Randall Stadium during a Badgers home game this fall. Photo: Eyton Z (CC-BY-SA).

When the Wisconsin Badgers return to the gridiron next season following their Outback Bowl appearance, an extra set of eyes will be watching out for their safety.

Starting next season, the Big Ten Conference will have an independent athletic trainer stationed at a video replay booth at every football game. Their only job will be to look for players showing symptoms of concussions.

Greg Landry, the lead physician for the University of Wisconsin’s athletic teams, said someone in the press box can see some things that sideline trainers miss.

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“When you’re on the sidelines, it’s sometimes difficult to see in the corners (of the field), or sometimes when things happen across the field from you with other players (standing) in the way,” he said.

Landry said the idea for the video-review trainer came up after University of Michigan quarterback Shane Morris was kept in a game in September after suffering a concussion.