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Report: Wisconsinites’ Life Expectancy At 79.5 Years

Longevity Varies By County, Income, Gender, According State Health Department Report

Hugo Chisholm (BY-SA)

Life expectancy for Wisconsinites is 79.5 years, according to a Wisconsin Department of Health Services study that looked at life expectancy over a four-year period from 2010 to 2014.

“They’re looking at things like infant mortality, death rates in people under the age of 20, they’re looking at quality of health days, things like that,” said Cindy Kinnard, Kewaunee County’s Health Officer.

The report identified four contributing factors to longevity: socioeconomic status, childhood health, education and race. According to the report, Hispanics live the longest—to age 86. Overall, Kewaunee County topped the list as the highest ranking county with life expectancy reaching 82 years old.

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However, an earlier report from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute ranked Kewaunee County ninth on life expectancy. That report, County Health Rankings, looked at different factors in determining longevity and only took one year into consideration.

Both reports note a link between income and health. The state report found women in the top quartile lived six years longer than women in the bottom quartile. For men, the difference was 11 years.

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