Physician Advocacy Group Leader Says Supreme Court Should Rule Federal Marketplace Subsidies Constitutional

Wisconsin Medical Society Speaks At WisPolitics Forum


At a WisPolitics forum in Madison Monday, Rick Abrams, CEO of the Wisconsin Medical Society, said a hypothetical U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down subsidies for states using federally run health care marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act would be disruptive to markets and people’s health.

“If indeed the court does throw out the federal subsidies, let us not act hastily,” said Abrams. “Let us enter a cooling-off period and let’s really think this through.”

WPS President and CEO Mike Hamerlik is among those who thinks that scenario isn’t likely.

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“The Supreme Court doesn’t usually rule something unconstitutional and then say, ‘It’s OK to do that for the next few years,’” said Hamerlik. “Anything is possible — we know that. But if they go (in) the direction of unconstitutionality or illegality, it could force Congress to act.”

A decision could come as early as June.