Barron County City Considers Removing Fluoride From Its Water

22 Wisconsin Municipalities Have Stopped Fluoridating Water In Past Decade, Says DNR

Jesse Kline (CC-BY-NC-SA)

The City of Rice Lake in northwestern Wisconsin is discussing whether to stop adding fluoride to its water supply.

Rice Lake has been fluoridating its city water since 1952, but in the last three months a commission has been discussing whether to go without the tooth-strengthening chemical.

Rice Lake Utilities Manager Scott Reimer said they’ve been hearing from residents on both sides of the issue. He said sentiment in the city seems to be matching a national trend of moving away from fluoridation.

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“I think we’re probably leaning towards … let’s just not put it in the water if there’s even a small amount of concern out there. If folks do want fluoride, there’s plenty of different ways to get it,” said Reimer.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, 22 municipalities have stopped using fluoride in the last 10 years. Overall, a majority of water systems in Wisconsin are fluoride-free.