A Trinidad artist in Madison

Bringing back memories of Larry's time in the Caribbean

Larry Meiller with Trinidad artist Mary Gill.
Larry Meiller with Trinidad artist Mary Gill.

A long time back I spent a year in Trinidad, teaching at the University of the West Indies. I was working in seven other Caribbean countries, helping governments in those countries improve communications with their citizens on a variety of health and nutrition issues. I’ve maintained contacts with my Trinidad friends and was delighted to discover a new art studio in my own Madison neighborhood, operated by the Trinidad artist, Mary Gill.

A friend and I spent part of a recent Saturday morning visiting with Mary at her studio and talking about the wonderful paintings she creates. It was great to hear her describe her work and talk about the experiences she’s had that inspired her paintings. Mary’s original paintings are for sale and also prints and photos (on archival paper) of her work. It was fun for me to trade some Trinidad stories with her, but even more interesting to learn about what thinking went into each of her works.

If you visit Madison, you might want to make an appointment and visit. Her website is www.marymadeitstudio.com. She takes appointments, so no need to worry about missing out.

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Cheers, Larry