Northland College Researchers Examine What’s In Store For Lake Superior’s South Shore

College Is Collecting Data On Stream Flows, Erosion In Chequamegon Bay

Chequamegon Bay. Photo: Martin LaBar (CC-BY-SA).

Researchers at Northland College in Ashland are examining what changes may be in store for the south shore of Lake Superior.

The college has been awarded several grants in the last year to study changes in the Chequamegon Bay. Northland professor Randy Lehr said they’re collecting data on stream flows and erosion, and are making computer models to predict climate change.

“Any climate shifts we see here would be sort of the canary in the coal mine for other things we could likely expect to see in other places around the lake,” said Lehr.

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The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program awarded Northland $30,000 to aid research this year. The program’s Mike Friis said the Chequamegon Bay has diverse landscapes seen throughout the lake.

“It’s a good testing ground and a good place to look at management techniques and restoration activities and their impacts on water quality and habitat,” said Friis.

The research is expected to serve as a guide for resource management there.