Goodwill Seeks County Partners To Reduce Textile Waste

Group Has Collection Bins At Outagamie County Recycling Center

Suit coats for sale at Goodwill.
Among many other things, Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin sells slightly used clothing at their retail outlet locationsRobert Couse-Baker (CC-BY)

Goodwill is working with Outagamie County to keep textiles out of landfills, and the organization wants more county recycling operations to get involved.

Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin covers 35 counties across the northern half of the state. Spokesman Dan Flannery said there are two clothing donation boxes at the Outagamie County Recycling center.

Instead of being thrown away, he said some items might be resold and others repurposed into rags. The hope is to help Goodwill make money while keeping items from being thrown out.

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“It’s only been up for a couple of weeks now. But we’d love for this to take off and give us some legs across the state,” Flannery said. “In fact one of the things I’m doing in the next few weeks is I’ll be heading across the state meeting with other counties to see if they’re interested in developing some sort of partnership as well.”

Flannery said Goodwill empties the receptacles and that there is no cost to the counties.