First Round Of Harvest Camp Negotiations Begins Today


Attorneys and elected officials from Iron County and the Lac Courte Oreilles band (LCO) will gather today in Hurley for a first round of negotiations regarding the LCO Harvest Camp.

Just last month, the Iron County Forestry Committee voted to take measures to evict the people in the five-acre LCO Harvest Camp and close it down. That vote was unanimous. A week later, the full county board voted unanimously not to press charges against the camp, and to instead open talks with the tribe.

Lac Courte Oreilles Harvest Camp spokesman Paul DeMain says he doubts this first meeting will do the trick. “What I think it will take is if we sat down and… they understood what we’re trying to do, and if we understand what they’re trying to do, and then if both parties want to come to an agreement, an agreement will be struck in the near future.”

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DeMain does hope this face to face discussion will be a good start. “I really think we can break bread and move on with this, and cover everyone’s concerns.”

Iron County Clerk Michael Saari says these closed-door talks will take place instead of an Iron County Forestry Committee meeting. He says the County’s corporate counsel and county forestry officials will be in the meeting with LCO.