DNR Seeks Public Feedback On Deer Trustee Report


Work on plans to implement the state’s Deer Trustee Report is hitting the halfway point this weekend.

The public is encouraged to comment tomorrow in Steven’s Point on big changes to how Wisconsin manages its deer herd.

Fulfilling a campaign promise, Governor Scott Walker hired Dr. James Kroll of Texas to come up with suggestions on how to improve deer hunting in Wisconsin. Last June, Kroll, also known as the state’s “Deer Trustee,” turned in a report with 62 specific recommendations.

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Now, a team of volunteers is midway through planning how to put them into practice. Eric Lobner of the Department of Natural Resources is tasked with coordinating that implementation. He says there are a number of changes that volunteers haven’t agreed on, and they need the public to weigh in.

“Ultimately, what we’re hoping that will come out of this is an overview from the public of, what do they like? What do they dislike?”

Lobner says the implementation team has broken the trustee’s recommendations down into four categories, but regulations and season structure is the most popular. In particular Lobner says the team’s take on baiting and feeding is getting the most attention.

“That is an item or an implementation proposal that the action team came forward with is a statewide ban on baiting and feeding.”

Lobner says banning baiting is something the DNR has no authority over; it has to be taken up by the legislature. He says another less controversial task is to enact the Trustee’s recommendation to manage deer seasons on a three-to-five-year cycle instead of annually. The final implementation plan will be presented to the DNR Board in September.

Tomorrow’s public hearing in Steven’s Point will be held at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point but will also be streamed live online.