Central Wisconsin Septic Haulers May Have Dumped Human Waste Illegally


The Department of Natural Resources may take enforcement action against several septic haulers accused of dumping human waste illegally.

The DNR received complaints against a number of septic haulers in western Marathon County and Wood County, according to the agency’s wastewater engineer Fred Hegeman.

“Our conservation wardens found haulers that were disposing of septage illegally,” says Hegeman. “They were land disposing behind buildings [and] dumping it at the end of roads.”

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Such practices constitute a health issue because untreated human waste can cause illness. Hegeman says he can’t name the haulers who were responsible, but the DNR is considering enforcement action against them. He says the haulers are now paying to treat the waste according to state guidelines, and their customers are seeing higher bills when they have their septic tanks pumped.

“The haulers in that particular area got together and decided amongst themselves to haul all their waste to waste water treatment plants. It costs money to treat waste water, so many of the customers … have sticker shock.”

The average cost of pumping a 2,000 gallon septic tank in the Marshfield area has gone from $85 dollars to $130.

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