Activist Charged For Her Role In Mine Site ‘Raid’ Pleads Guilty

Katie Kloth Is The Only Activist To Have Been Charged For Role In Last Summer's Incident

A still of a video taken of the June 2013 raid, in which a masked woman, allegedly Katie Kloth, struggles with a GTAC biologist over a camera.

One of a dozen people who participated in a “raid” on a Gogebic Taconite drilling site last year pleaded guilty to felony theft and misdemeanor damage to property in circuit court in Hurley on Friday.

Katie Kloth, a 27-year-old resident of Weston in central Wisconsin, was one of about a dozen masked people who jumped out of the Iron County woods at a drilling exploration site in June of 2013. After 15 months, Kloth is the only person charged in the incident.

Kloth took the cell phone of a GTAC biologist and protesters caused some damage to drill machinery.

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Her attorney, John Bachman of Eau Claire, said that one of the reasons she made her plea is to avoid a trial and protect other co-conspirators.

“She could be asked about who else was there, and she can’t refuse to answer,” said Kloth. “She’s given up her right to remain silent. She could say ‘I don’t want to say,’ but then the judge can find her in contempt of court.”

Iron County District Attorney Marty Lipske said that if they find out the identity of the other protesters, they will prosecute them as well. He hopes this plea will mean mining protests will stay peaceful.

“I would hope it would be a message to those who would go beyond and threaten people and damage property and assault people,” said Lipske.

Kloth is expected to be sentenced in about 60 days. She could face a year in jail. Two other misdemeanor counts were dismissed.