Winner Of Green Bay Packers-Edvest Contest Would Announce Draft Pick

Contest Is Meant To Encourage Educational Financial Planning

NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell typically announces teams' draft picks. Photo: Marianne O'Leary (CC-BY)

EdVest, Wisconsin’s college saving program, is teaming up with the Green Bay Packers to encourage people to plan for their kids’ higher education.

In a new contest, EdVest and the Packers will let a child announce the team’s fourth-round draft pick in New York in early May.

EdVest is Wisconsin’s tax-exempt college saving program. The 529 savings plan lets parents and grandparents contribute to a higher education account on behalf of students.

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“Not many people get to announce a draft pick,” said Mark Murphy, the team’s president and CEO. Murphy said the NFL is allowing each team to let a fan make a draft announcement, and that the Packers opted to work with EdVest.

“For a student from Wisconsin to be able to have this opportunity is pretty exciting, and also to have money set aside in their savings plan is pretty special too,” he said.

The winning child has to be between the ages of eight and 14. He or she will get $10,529 put into a college savings account. The student’s school of choice will get a $5,529 donation.

Later this year, EdVest will expand its program to allow anyone – not just close relatives – to make tax deductible donations to a child’s college savings program.

Correction: The radio version of this story incorrectly stated that EdVest is a 529 nonprofit. It is actually a 529 savings plan.