Walker: School Accountability Bill Is ‘Headed In The Right Direction’

Proposal Would Give All Schools Letter Grade, Would Convert Public Schools Into Charters If They Repeatedly Fail

Gov. Scott Walker greeting soldiers with the Wisconsin National Guard in December. Photo: Wisconsin National Guard (CC-BY-NC-ND).

Gov. Scott Walker says he thinks a Republican bill that would turn failing public schools into charter schools is “headed in the right direction.”

The Assembly proposal would create a letter grade system for schools, and turn public schools into charter schools if they repeatedly get D’s or F’s. Voucher schools that fail would have to stop accepting voucher students for four years.

Walker told reporters there are some ideas he can embrace in the proposal.

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“The bottom line is I want a system that ensures for every school that takes public funds, be it public or private, that there’s an objective measure — not so much for the public but for the parents, to be able to have objective information to make the choice that’s right for their son or daughter,” said Walker.

Democrats say the plan is a giveaway to the private school interests that support Republican campaigns. The bill is schedule for a public hearing Wednesday.