UW 2-Year Colleges To Cut 83 Positions, Consolidate

Schools Face $5M In Budget Cuts

Royalbroil (CC-BY-SA)

The University of Wisconsin is eliminating 83 administrative and staff positions at two-year college campuses across the state in a sweeping reorganization that was announced Tuesday.

Under the reorganization, the campuses would be consolidated into four regions, with a dean in charge of three to four schools each. UW Colleges and UW Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen said the final UW budget — which included a $5 million cut for the colleges — left her with no choice but to enact the plan.

“This $5 million cut to us … is huge for us, given that we don’t have a lot of extra fat to cut,” she said, adding: “This is not something that we asked for. This is something that was done to us.”

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Sandeen said the 83 positions would not include any faculty.

“We are not eliminating any faculty positions, and we are not reducing the academic programs that we offer,” she said. “That’s the main promise to our students.”

She added that the work of faculty and staff at the colleges to help students will be “important in helping us get through this time.”

The reorganization will leave an associate dean on each campus. The plan also calls for regional deans or directors for academic affairs, student services, finance, communications, and UW-Extension.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally a story by the Associated Press. It has since been replaced with reporting by Wisconsin Public Radio.