Superior Woman To Share Her Story As A Refugee, Prisoner Of War

Polish Native Details Her Experiences During World War II


A Superior woman from Poland will speak this week about her experiences during World War II as a refugee and prisoner of war. Superior’s Edith Schultz will share her story at the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center on Thursday.

“When we heard about Edith’s story, it’s absolutely just amazing, that’s true history right there,” said Hayes Scriven, executive director of the Bong Veterans Historical Center.

Scriven said Edith Schultz will share the story of how she fled her home town. He said the Russians bombed the Polish city and Schultz later became a prisoner of war.

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“She lived through some of the most horrific stories, or episodes, through the war,” he said. “Having her able and willing to tell her story is just a good way of passing down the information to the next generation so people can hear that and appreciate what other people went through.”

At the time she was captured, Schultz’s father had also been drafted into the German army.

Scriven said people often think of soldiers but not their families. He hopes community members will have a better appreciation for what people went through during the war.

The Bong Veterans Historical Center tries to have a speaker once every month on topics related to the history of U.S. wars or the military.

The presentation will be held in the education room of the Bong Veterans Historical Center in Superior on Thursday, June 22, at 6:30 pm.