State To Conduct 3-Year Study On Bullying

DPI Will Offer 36 Middle Schools Resources For Preventing Bullying

Abb Mona (CC-BY-NC-SA)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will select 36 middle schools this spring for a three-year study on bullying.

The department received an $858,000 grant from the National Institutes of Justice to conduct the study.

“Through that study, we hope to learn whether or not, or to what degree, having a solid practice of positive behavior interventions and supports in place and adding a comprehensive approach to bullying truly create safer schools and a better school climate,” said Doug White, director of Student Services/Prevention and Wellness within DPI.

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White said schools will report cases of bullying, which the department currently doesn’t track. He also said they’ll offer schools tools and training to expand bullying prevention efforts. White said tools would include bullying curriculum, surveys, policies and family education. Half the schools will begin using the prevention methods this fall.