Sandeen: UW College Deans Will Not Lose Ties to Local Communities

Colleges Announced Administrative Reorganization Tuesday


UW Colleges Chancellor Cathy Sandeen says that two-year schools will keep their traditional close ties to local communities, despite the sweeping reorganization announced Tuesday.

Under the new plan, each dean will be responsible for three to four colleges, instead of just one. Sandeen acknowledges that this poses a challenge.

“The UW College campuses are a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin System and counties, and in some cases counties and municipalities. They provide the land. They provide the buildings. They’re active partners with us, so that is very important,” she said.

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Cathy Sandeen says the job descriptions of the deans will be changed to give them enough time to interact with local community leaders.

“Many of the more operational aspects will be handled by others in the regions or centrally, freeing up the regional executive officers and deans to spend even more time on relationship building,” she said.

The decision to reorganize was made to help address a $5 million budget cut for the colleges.