Lawmakers Consider Delaying School Report Cards Based On ‘Badger Exam’

Governor Wants To Get Rid Of Exam Based On Common Core Standards

Rachel (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Lawmakers want to delay school report cards based on a test that was developed using Common Core academic standards.

This year, students will take a new standardized test for reading and math based on Common Core standards known as the Badger Exam. Gov. Scott Walker wants to scrap it, and Republican state Sen. Paul Farrow has introduced a proposal for the state Department of Public Instruction to temporarily hold off using those scores to assess school performance.

“That’s what we are doing with this piece of legislation — we are pausing the accountability report for one year,” said Farrow. “Schools will still be taking the test. The information will still be delivered to federal government.”

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The delay is supported by the state teachers’ union, the Department of Public Instruction and school choice advocates.

Republicans want to resume accountability measures in the next school year using a different standardized test.

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