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GOP Lawmakers Push For More School Accountability

State Senate Bill Would Scrap Different Tests For Different Schools


Public school administrators have lined up in support of a school accountability bill authored by Republicans in the Wisconsin state Senate.

The Senate bill, unlike a version from Assembly Republicans, doesn’t sanction or punish consistently struggling public schools, and it would not evaluate schools using a letter grade system.

The legislation would also not let voucher schools choose from multiple tests to be evaluated, relying instead on a uniform test for all schools.

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At a public hearing on the plan Tuesday, John Forester of the School Administrators Alliance said a single test is the only fair way to compare schools.

“Trust is a must when we’re talking about our accountability system,” Forester said.

Whether that provision will wind up in a final school accountability bill remains to be seen. Republican authors of both versions have signaled in recent days that they’re open to changes.

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