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Wisconsin Residents Encouraged To Pay Energy Bills By Nov. 1 To Avoid Heat Shutdown

Officials Say Utilities Working With Customers To Avoid Losing Their Heat


The Wisconsin Public Service Commission is urging residents to square up on their utility bills before the annual home heating moratorium kicks in.

The moratorium keeps utilities from shutting off heat during the winter but it doesn’t require them to reconnect service to delinquent households.

Between Nov.1 to April 1, utilities can’t turn off natural gas service to customers, no matter how behind they get on payments. But if a household is already disconnected during this time, the heat doesn’t come back on until a payment is made.

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We Energies spokeswoman Amy Johns said historically, they have just less than 10,000 customers who stay disconnected come Nov. 1.

“So, we really make that concerted effort to get as many customers as possible back in before that November 1 cutoff date,” said Johns.

Xcel Energy estimates 380 customers are without heat but the utility said that number changes quickly as the temperature drops. Madison Gas & Electric estimates 370 residential accounts remain without service.

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