‘Wind Turbine Sickness’ Bill Would Allow Those Afflicted To Sue


People who claim that wind turbines make them sick would be able to sue wind developers under a proposal introduced by a Republican state senator.

Senator Frank Lasee’s bill would allow families that claim to be physically or economically affected by wind turbines to sue the companies that own them and property owners hosting them. He says three families in his district have had to abandon their homes because of low frequency noise and vibrations.

“There’s dozens of others in this area who want to move but just can’t afford it, who are feeling sick and ill and it devalues property. The wind energy crew and companies don’t really seem to care about any of this and this would allow those families to seek damages in court.”

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Recently the Public Service Commission denied a permit for a wind farm planned for St. Croix County because developers could not prove the turbines would meet sound level restrictions. Lasee says wind turbine placement is a controversial topic and he expects pushback from both parties.

“This is, unfortunately, a partisan issue. The Democrats don’t seem to care because it’s wind about any people they’re harming, and we have some of the Republicans who support business at the cost of people and I think that’s wrong.”

Chris Kunkle represents the American Wind Energy Association in Wisconsin. He says Lasee’s bill is par for the course.

“This is just another attempt from Senator Lasee to install a level of uncertainty across the industry. It’s another piece of his ongoing hostility towards an industry that creates manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance jobs all around the state.”

Lasee says he expects his bill to get a public hearing but concedes getting it passed this session is going to be an uphill battle.