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Walker Announces Online ‘Business Portal’ To Streamline Startup Paperwork

Governor Says System Will Make Registration Process Easier For 'Job Creators'

 Gage Skidmore (BY-SA)

Gov. Scott Walker launched a new website on Wednesday to help start businesses in Wisconsin.

The platform is being touted as a way to streamline the paperwork process required to register a new business. The so-called One Stop Business Portal is a lot like shopping online.

Instead of making trips to the state Department of Revenue and Department of Financial Institutions, for instance, Walker said users can access forms that are needed to start a new business from different state agencies all in one place.

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In a press release, Walker said the new site is aimed at “making government more effective, more efficient, and more accountable. By eliminating the need for people to visit three agencies, we have streamlined the process for job creators in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin isn’t the first state to do this. Maryland launched a similar website back in 2012 and it’s been pretty successful. That site has registered more than 45,000 businesses in three years.