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Vos Says Assembly Republicans May Pass Their Own State Budget

Assembly Speaker Has Given Senate Colleagues Until The End Of The Week

Shawn Johnson/WPR

After a month of gridlock on the state budget, the Republican Speaker of the State Assembly says his members might pass a budget on their own.

Speaker Robin Vos held two press conferences Monday, the first to announce a budget plan to scale back Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law, the second to unveil the details of a Milwaukee Bucks arena deal. Neither event included Senate Republicans.

Vos said they’re the ones having trouble finding the votes to pass the budget and he said he’s giving them until the end of the week.

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“I honestly believe that we can find an answer by the end of the week. But we also have to have some sort of deadline that we’re not just sitting here staring at each other for months on end,” said Vos.

If Senate Republicans haven’t reached a consensus on the budget by then, Vos said Assembly Republicans could pass their own version. It’s already later than Republicans were hoping. The new fiscal year starts Wednesday.