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UW Colleges Face $2.6M In Administrative Cuts

Chancellor Says Goal Is To Shelter Academic Programs From Reductions

UW-Barron County
Ray Cross (CC-BY-NC)

The 13 colleges in the University of Wisconsin System have been told to prepare for a reduction of $2.6 million in a first round of budget cuts, with maybe more to follow.

Saying it is unlikely that the two-year schools will be spared from the system-wide cuts, UW Colleges and Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen signaled she will begin by centralizing a number of administrative jobs.

Chancellor Cathy SandeenUW-Extension

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“We’re going to be consolidating some functions centrally like information technology, admissions and recruiting,” Sandeen said.

The chancellor said the two-year schools will still have local people to keep the computers and libraries running, but that the bottom line is to keep the colleges’ academic programs intact.

“Whatever we are forced to do because of the state-imposed budget cuts, we will maintain our promise to our students,” Sandeen said.

The UW colleges may face a second round when state lawmakers finish work on the upcoming biennial budget.