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Superior’s Mayor Unveils His 2019 Budget

Mayor Says Growth May Mean Tax Cuts For Residents

Superior city attorney Frog Prell
City attorney Frog Prell, far right, has filed a notice of claim against Councilor Jenny Van Sickle. Elizabeth McMahon/WPR

Superior Mayor Jim Paine has proposed a $29.9 million budget for 2019.

“The 2019 budget will likely be the most successful budget in recent memory,” he said.

The mayor’s budget proposal would spread about $1.8 million of revenues generated from the city’s oil pipeline terminal tax across a variety of sources.

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“To the general fund, the economic development fund, and the capital improvement plan,” he said. “But, also debt spending, mainly to remove debt spending so we can decrease the obligation by citizens.”

The tax is expected to generate just under $6.6 million next year, and the rest of those funds would remain in the city’s capital improvement program. Superior’s mayor said his budget would not add any new debt, and he expects the city will be able to cut taxes for residents due to growth and increasing home values.

“If growth increases at even the same rate, we are going to decrease taxes by more than we deceased them last year,” he said. “Could be 2 percent or more.”

Paine said the budget would also increase capital spending over the next five years. He claims it would be the largest amount of capital spending in the history of the city.

“That includes investments in streets and sidewalks and public buildings and public safety in the form of take home squads,” said Paine.

He added capital spending would also go toward outdoor recreation and special projects. Paine said the city would have around $100,000 left to put towards any new programs or expenses. He said the city council will begin going over the budget at its next meeting on Sept. 18.