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State Approval Of Foxconn Contract Behind Schedule

Gov. Scott Walker Says 'Elaborate Negotiations' Are Aimed At Getting Taxpayers Best Possible Deal

foxconn podium
David Cole/WPR

Gov. Scott Walker addressed a manufacturing convention in Green Bay, Thursday where he touted a deal with a Taiwanese company to locate an LCD screen plant in Racine County.

The state is offering Foxconn $3 billion in refundable tax credits to build the factory in the Village of Mount Pleasant. Part of the agreement passed by the Legislature was that the company would have to provide up to 13,000 new jobs.

While the final contract was set to be signed by Sept. 30, it’s still open.

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Walker says the delay will give Wisconsin’s Economic Development Corporation time to go over the whole contract.

Walker told reporters, “We want to make sure that we get the deal the taxpayers expected through this whole process.”

Walker added that the process, “has taken more time but it’s certainly one where we’re making sure they (WEDC) are doing their due diligence to get a plan that ultimately is a contract that matches what people talked about during the debate.”

Walker said the “elaborate negotiations” with the company include a “series of things” other than the job creation agreement.

On Monday, Democratic Sen. Tim Carpenter, D – Milwaukee, formally asked to see the details of the full contract before WEDC votes on it.

In a statement on his website Carpenter wrote, “let’s see the Foxconn contract before WEDC votes on it on Nov. 8. I cannot abrogate my responsibility to protect the taxpayers of Wisconsin by not knowing exactly what it is I am voting on.”

The vote is currently set for Nov. 8.

Walker said the missed Sept. 30 deadline shouldn’t be interpreted as “doubt” that Foxconn will build in southeastern Wisconsin.

“The bottom line is working out the details but they’re committed to being in the state of Wisconsin and we’re committed to making sure that not only are they here, but they are here under the terms we explained to the people,” Walker said.