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Protesters Gather At State Capitol On International Women’s Day

Protest Linked To Nationwide 'A Day Without A Woman' Strike

Laurel White/WPR

Dozens of people marched on and rallied at the state Capitol Wednesday for International Women’s Day and a nationwide strike called “A Day Without A Woman.”

The protests intended to draw attention to the economic and social importance of women in society.

Some protesters wore the pink hats made famous during January’s women’s marches. Others carried signs that said, “Girls just want to have fundamental human rights.”

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Hayley Archer, a University of Wisconsin-Madison law student, spoke at the Madison rally.

“Women’s work in the home especially but also work deemed women’s work is devalued or differently valued, we want to draw attention to the important role of women in the functioning of society,” Archer said.

Protesters were also encouraged to take a day off from shopping, except for at small, women- and minority-owned businesses.

Jessie Brown, a Native American rights activist, also spoke at the Madison rally.

“We are here today to ensure that our future generations have a chance and right to their own bodies, that we have a right to fight these deportations that are happening, that we have right to speak up and fight against the injustices that are happening,” Brown said.

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