Propane Dealers Confident They’ll Avert Shortages This Winter

Walker Declared State Of Emergency Last Winter When Propane Dealers Couldn't Supply Fuel To Customers

Dealers are reporting that the demand for propane has been less extreme this winter. Photo: Jinx (CC-BY-SA).

Propane dealers say they’re ready to face colder temperatures after last winter’s propane shortage.

Superior Fuel Company Vice President Ryan Gunderson said the difference between last winter and this one is night and day. He said dealers have all the propane they need and demand is lighter.

“There are some people who have taken measures to reduce their propane needs by either doing better insulating, conservation, (or) updating appliances,” said Gunderson.

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Gunderson also said that his company has also reduced its reliance on one supplier.

“We went out and started buying from out of the Twin Cities so we had more access to supply if need be,” he said.

Superior Fuel Company serves 4,500 customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin with an average of 4 million gallons each winter.

Wisconsin Propane Gas Association Managing Director Brandon Scholz said people are paying attention to colder weather.

“They’re making sure they’re checking the levels on their tanks,” said Scholtz. “Dealers are making sure they have adequate inventory and supply.”

Scholz said his organization is tracking factors that played a role in last year’s propane shortage. He said demand for propane to dry crops at harvest time was one such factor.

“It was late again, but propane dealers were able to meet that high demand,” said Scholtz.

Scholz said the state issued 34 permits to dealers this past fall for storage tanks, some of which hold up to 90,000 gallons.

Propane customers are paying around 40 cents less per gallon to heat their homes compared to a year ago, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.