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Poll: Wisconsinites Feel Pessimistic About State’s Economy

Most Respondents Say Wisconsin Is Lagging Behind Other States In Job Creation

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Wisconsin voters are feeling more pessimistic about the state’s economy, according to the latest poll from Marquette University Law School.

Marquette’s November survey found that 57 percent of voters said that they think Wisconsin is lagging other states in job creation, compared to 42 percent a little more than a year ago.

Wisconsin’s employment statistics are actually improving, but the poll was also conducted in the wake of major layoffs at several businesses, including Madison’s Oscar Mayer plant.

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Marquette University Law School pollster Charles Franklin said that plant closings get peoples’ attention.

“Those are fairly prominent events and they tend to make news, whereas individual changes in hiring and in the unemployment rate tend not to be as prominent,” he said.

Franklin said that the grim mood is likely having an effect on Gov. Scott Walker’s statewide approval rating, which polled at 38 percent.