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Performance-Based Funding Not Popular With Wisconsin Technical Colleges

Walker Has Repeatedly Pushed To Change Funding Model

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Technical college presidents are resisting Gov. Scott Walker’s call for performance based-funding, citing concerns that larger districts will lose funding even if they perform well.

Wisconsin technical colleges get a majority of funding through a formula that takes into account property values in a district, spending and enrollment. Now, Walker is calling for all state funding to be performance based within five years. Chippewa Valley Technical College President Bruce Barker said that could mean less aid for larger college districts.

“Right now the way the formula is developed, Milwaukee, Madison, us, Green Bay and some others would actually lose some money under the formula, and we think that’s more with the details of the formula, that it needs to fine-tuned rather than thrown out,” said Barker.

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In his last budget, Walker wanted all technical college funding based on performance but the Joint Finance Committee capped it at 30 percent.