New Approach to Jobs Fairs


Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development is taking a new approach to job fairs it hosts. The Department now requires job seekers to prove they’re qualified for employment. Employers must also show they have actual openings.

The DWD instituted the stricter requirements earlier this year at a job fair in Milwaukee. One hundred and fifty people found work at that event.

The department hopes to recreate that success this Wednesday at a fair in the Green Bay area. Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson says people looking for work must prove they have training and skills, “We want to make sure the best fits are being done both for the job seeker and for the employer. And your traditional job fair where you have job seekers coming they may or may not know whether or not this is a good fit. They may not understand what the requirements are for a particular job. And employers don’t necessarily know who they’re seeing. They might get a resume but employers at these job fairs see hundreds and hundreds of people.”

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More than 100 employers will attend Wednesday’s job fair in Green Bay. They have 1,300 openings.