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Group Of Midwestern Businesses Aims To Reduce Expensive Medical Tests

Employers Offer Workers Incentive Through 'QualityPath' Program For Big-Ticket Procedures


A business group concerned about health costs has been steering employees to certain doctors and hospitals. Now, that group of Midwestern employers with self-funded insurance plans, called the Alliance, is expanding a program designed control costs while providing quality care.

The program known as QualityPath was originally aimed at expensive procedures like hip and knee replacements, as well as heart bypass surgery. Starting in 2017, QualityPath will also focus on medical imaging.

Cheryl DeMars, president and CEO of the Alliance, said the program started last year .

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“There are significant opportunities for employers and employees alike by shopping for care,” DeMars said.

Out-of-pocket costs and deductibles are eliminated for employees who use the doctors and hospitals chosen by QualityPath.

DeMars said that by including MRIs in the program, they’re hoping to get patients to avoid unneeded imaging and get quality scans when they do need them.

DeMars said, so far, 35 employers within the Alliance are offering QualityPath to 20,000 employees, who pay less to get heart bypass surgery, or hip and knee replacements at specified doctors.

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