Group That Invests In Nonprofits Loaned Record-High $15M In 2014

Forward Community Investments Says Need For Community Investments Is Growing


An organization in Wisconsin that lends money to nonprofits had its biggest year ever in 2014.

Forward Community Investments aims to put money where it can improve the life of others. They’ve lent money and provided advising services to food pantries, health clinics and daycares in 40 counties around the state.

Last year, the group made more than $15 million in loans — a record for the organization. Sally Martyniak, president of Forward Community Investments, said certain communities face a growing list of challenges.

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“The economy is getting better. However if you also look at the widening income gaps those are getting bigger. The middle is shrinking and the bottom is growing,” said Martyniak.

Martyniak said the need for community financing is growing and they hope to attract more investors.