Gas Prices Spike In Wisconsin


Wisconsin drivers may be surprised if they visit the gas pump this week: Prices are 33 cents a gallon above the national average.

According to GasBuddy, a gallon of gas costs $3.96. Nationwide, drivers are paying around $3.63. Senior petroleum analyst Gregg Laskoski says the price difference can be traced back to refineries.

“One of the Great Lakes refineries actually had to buy fuel on the open market and that usually suggests significant problems. It means that they can’t meet the needs with their own production. And that means that there is some sort of an operations glitch. That created some wholesale price spikes throughout the region.”

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Laskoski says an Exxon Mobile refinery in Joliet, Illinois has been offline for more than a month.

He says the highest prices in Wisconsin can be found in South Milwaukee, Eagle River, Grafton and Sturgeon Bay.