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Epic Systems to add 1.7K jobs in bid to increase workforce in 2023

Verona mayor says Epic's growth increases need to build, provide affordable housing

Epic System's campus in Verona, Wis.
Epic System’s campus in Verona, Wis. Mandy Aalderink (CC BY)

Epic Systems is set to grow with plans to hire 1,700 new employees in the next year.

First reported by the Wisconsin State Journal, the health care software company will add two new buildings to its Verona campus — including 60,000 square feet of space and 700 private offices. Epic currently employs just shy of 12,000 people.

Nicole Hilsenhoff is a recruiter for Epic. She said any time the company hires new staff, they make a point to bring people to the Verona campus — known for its whimsical, and sometimes out-there architecture.

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“It is one of those spaces that the pictures don’t do it justice,” she said. “But I think it’s also really functional. We’re all in offices as opposed to cubicles, so we’ve got dedicated workspaces … but then we also have a lot of collaborative spaces.”

Despite Epic being a software company, the new jobs will cover a wide range of needs. Hilsenhoff said that includes positions in software, support, administration, accounting, culinary services and facilities.

“It’s really a holistic growth that we’re seeing,” she said. “A lot of folks think you must have a technical background or you must have a bachelor’s degree to work at Epic. And for certain positions, that’s of course true. But we have opportunities across the spectrum.”

Major tech companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have announced a slew of layoffs in the last year. But Hilsenhoff said that industry volatility hasn’t affected the health care industry in the same way.

“That’s not something that we have done or expect to be doing,” Hilsenhoff said. “From a stability perspective, we’re going the opposite direction. We’re growing.”

Verona Mayor Luke Diaz said it’s hard to overstate the influence Epic has had on Verona and Dane County in general.

“It shows that Epic’s really got its pulse on the market,” Diaz said. “And as big as they are, it shows that they have even more room to expand and to kind of keep building on all their success.”

In the last 20 years, Verona’s population has grown from about 7,000 people to 15,000 people according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Much of that growth is due to companies like Epic.

Diaz said that growth has led to a need for more housing.

“The city of Verona is going to need to grow to make sure we keep housing attainable, both for Epic employees and just for people in general,” he said. “There’s a lot of people who want to live in Verona. It’s a nice community, a great school system. And so we should be open to providing opportunities to people so they can afford to live in Verona.”