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Chelsea Clinton Pushes Hillary’s Agenda, Bashes Trump’s ‘Hate Speech’ In Green Bay Stop

About 250 People Attend Chelsea Clinton's Campaign Visit At Downtown Green Bay Theater

Chelsea Clinton
J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Chelsea Clinton campaigned Friday in Green Bay on behalf of her mother, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton spoke at a small theater downtown before a crowd of about 250 people where she touted her mother’s record of getting things done before ripping into Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Are we “going to continue to stand by and allow the almost normalization of hate speech?,” Clinton said.

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Bullying has become a “calling card” of Trump’s campaign, she said.

“The misogyny, the racism, the Islamophobia, the homophobia, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the mocking of Americans with disabilities, the mocking of a gold star family,” Clinton said of previous Trump comments.

Clinton has been on the campaign trail for weeks and said the November presidential election is the most important election of her lifetime.

She told a story a mother shared with her about the woman’s 12-year-old son who is of Mexican descent and has been harassed at school.

“In less than two weeks he’s already been told three times to either go back to Mexico or, ‘I hope we build a wall so there are fewer of you here.’ So when we talk about our children listening, this is not rhetorical,” Clinton said as the crowd gasped.

Clinton spoke pushed her mother’s plans for refinancing student loans so no one is spending more than 10 percent of their income on repayments and the nominee’s plan to expand the Americorps program, which puts recent graduates into public service jobs across the United States.

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