Business Leaders Demand More Funding For Programs Addressing Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse Groups Are Requesting Additional $20M In Next Budget


Some business leaders are calling for more state funding to address domestic abuse in the next budget.

They say women make up a large part of Wisconsin’s workforce and their jobs can be jeopardized by abusive partners. A worker abused at home may also get harassed at work, through unwanted phone calls or visits. It’s estimated up to one half of domestic violence victims lose their jobs as a result of abuse.

“When an employee loses their job because of domestic violence issues, everybody loses,” said Sandy Wysocki, chairwoman of the Waukesha County Business Alliance. “The victim, of course, loses their job and their financial ability to support themselves. But also replacing an employee is very expensive.”

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Domestic abuse groups are requesting nearly $20 million in additional funding in the next budget to go toward 73 programs around the state. Wysocki said much of the money would help expand existing programs that, for instance, may not have enough shelter beds or offer employment assistance.