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Bill Would Give Local Voters Say On Sales Tax Increase For Road Repairs

Advocates Say Sales Tax Approach Spreads Costs Between Residents, Visitors

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Wisconsin lawmakers want to give voters a chance to weigh in on a half-percent sales tax increase to pay for local road repairs.

Hudson Republican Rep. Dean Knudson is sponsoring a bill that would allow counties to put a referendum before voters on a road repair tax hike.

“It’s only if the taxpayers approve it, and then it’s only for four years. Then, it would sunset,” Hudson said, about the proposed increase. “That can’t be used for anything except repairs and maintenance of streets and roads.”

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South Range Democrat Rep. Nick Milroy introduced a similar bill last session and said he supports Knudson’s measure.

“The lack of investment from the state to upgrade those roads has led to this situation where we really don’t have a lot of other options,” Milroy said.

Knudson said a sales tax spreads out the cost of county road repairs to include visitors passing through and buying goods there.

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