Packers Fans Brave Bitter Cold For Driver’s Farewell Tix


Packer receiver Donald Driver – number 80 – is retiring. A formal announcement is set for next week, but some fans camped out in the Lambeau Field parking lot last night to be first in line to get tickets for Driver’s farewell ceremony.

It was below zero last night and this morning in Green Bay. The mood amongst the throng of people lined up for tickets seemed to be… “So what?”

Hailey Marks of Oshkosh was bundled up in a leopard print blanket. She arrived around 3:00 a.m. and was at the head of the line outside the ticket office.

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“I have four foot warmers in my feet right now. I have two hand warmers and a lot of layers on and this blanket. I’m doing OK. ‘Why?’ Why? Because I love Donald, that’s why. I’m excited for Donald to retire, not for him to retire but for him to retire as a Packer. I want to be there to see him announce his retirement.”

That’s scheduled for next Wednesday. The fact that Driver is ending his pro career after 14 years with the Packers means something to fans like Jordan Denure, who know from marquis players who “retired” only to move to rival teams.

“If somebody retires as a Packer does that make a difference as to somebody who pulled a Brett Favre?”

“Um, yeah because it’s somebody who wanted to stay. Wanted to be known for being, staying with the team and not just going off like Brett Favre did.”

Besides his prowess on the field, Donald Driver is known for his charitable foundation, his diamond earring, and for winning a disco ball trophy on TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

The Packers organization says 1,000 free tickets to next week’s retirement event were distributed in about an hour this morning.