Has Your Home Been Flooded? Be Wary Of Contaminated Food And Water


State officials who oversee health, the environment, and consumer protection all have warnings in the wake of recent flooding.

Water could be contaminated, food could be bad, and scammers may offer services you don’t need.

Chuck Warzecha with the Department of Health Services, says people with wells near flooded areas shouldn’t drink the water until it has been tested.

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Warzecha: “If you have a well you likely have a septic system well. The contents of the septic and flood waters have been mixing pretty freely so it’s very contaminated and you should assume it’s unsafe to drink if there’s a chance it’s gotten in your well.”

Warzecha says residents in flooded areas also may experience mold as water gets into the home or sewage backs up. He says testing for mold isn’t necessary; you should remove wet items like carpeting which are hard to disinfect.

Consumer protection officials say those who do seek professional cleaning services after the flood should check references to avoid storm chasing contractors.