Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger by Lisa Donovan

Book cover for Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger

Monday, August 23 through Friday, September 3, 2021. Read by Susan Sweeney.

Noted chef and James Beard Award-winning essayist Lisa Donovan helped establish some of the South’s most important kitchens, and her pastry work is at the forefront of a resurgence in traditional desserts. Yet, Donovan had been told at every juncture on her career and life that she wasn’t enough. She came from a struggling southern family that felt ashamed of its own mixed-race heritage and whose elders diminished their women. She survived abuse and assault as a young mother. In spite of it all, her salvations were food, self-reliance, and the network of women in food who stood by her.

(Penguin Press; ISBN-10 : 0525560947 / ISBN-13 : 978-0525560944)

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