More Selected Essays of Ursula Le Guin

Ursula K Le Guin
Copyright © by Marian Wood Kolisch

Monday, November 28, 2022. Read by Susan Sweeney.

Selections from “No Time To Spare” and “The Wave In The Mind”.

Best known for her speculative fiction, Ursula K. LeGuin’s writing career spanned over 60 years, gathering along the way numerous Hugo, Nebula and Focus awards. She’s been described as “a major voice in American letters” and been an important influence to such luminaries as Salman Rushdie and Neil Gaiman. But Le Guin is a writer of non-fiction as well and her sparkling essays on aging, beauty and her beloved cats, are not to be missed.

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(Permission by the Estate of Ursula Le Guin)

Theme: “My Favorite Things” “Anyone Can Whistle”, George Shearing, Favorite Things, Telarc

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