Milwaukee Public Library Introduces Book Vending Kiosks

Machine Vends 400 Different Books, And Allows Users To Access Library Catalog


The Milwaukee Public Library has opened a new fully automated book vending machine in the city’s Westlawn Gardens neighborhood

The 24-hour, ATM-like library is similar to popular rental movie kiosks like Redbox. MPL’s machine, however, stocks the most popular titles of adult and childrens books.

“What you can do is you can peruse approximately 400 items that are in the machine itself,” said Barrett. “But you can also browse the entire Milwaukee Public Library collection from the touch screen and have books shipped there if you need to. So it’s a great amenity for the neighborhood.”

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Barrett had a chance to use the machine at its unveiling this morning, and he says it’s easy to use — all that’s needed is a library card and a pin number. He said Milwaukee is the the fourth city in the U.S. to install such a device.

Barrett said that if it proves popular that that the city hopes to install the libraries at additional sites.