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Pushkin And Chekhov

Photo of the cast of an Old Time Radio Live production
A Production For Old Time Radio Drama – Live from WPR’s Buck Studio

The 9XM Players presented two Russian classics in this live production from WPR’s Buck studio in Madison. “The Queen of Spades” by Alexander Pushkin (Is it supernatural or psychological, comedy or tragedy?) and “The Wedding” by Anton Chekhov, a story of social climbing gone wrong. The plays included live music from members of the UW Russian Folk Orchestra.

The cast included Russell Wolff, Bruce Bradley, Pete Bissen, Michele Good and Lisa Spierer. Musicians included Dan Cobb (prima domra), Tom Edwards (prima balalaika), Victor Gorodinsky (guitar), Olga Trubetskoy (prima balalaika), Vladimir Trubetskoy (alto domra) and Amy Wencel (accordion). The narrator was Norman Gilliland. Foley (Sound effects) were by Gene Purcell. The recording engineer was Tom Blain. Our broadcast board operator was Cynthia Shuster.

(All slideshow photos by Ruth Purcell)

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