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Listen To Music With Andrew & Polly

Andrew & Polly with their instruments
Polly with her ukulele and Andrew with his accordion Photo courtesy of Andrew & Polly

Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall met in college and bonded over their love of music. Years later, they’re married with children — and a band and a podcast. Their band? It’s called Andrew & Polly, of course. They have a podcast about all their favorite sounds, too, called “Ear Snacks.”

On this episode, Andrew & Polly sing to us about eating grapes and other fruits, why they sometimes like to pretend to be giraffes, friendship, and more. They also give us a mini-music lesson.

Learn more about Andrew & Polly and Ear Snacks.

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(Guests appeared as part of “The Morning Show” on July 3, 2020.)

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