Western Wisconsin City Agrees To Let Farmers Shoot Pigeons

Mondovi Officials Say Birds Have Been Causing A Mess In The Community

WonderfulSnaps (CC-BY)

The City of Mondovi in Buffalo County is looking to solve its “pigeon problem” by allowing farmers to shoot the birds.

Pigeons and the mess they make are a familiar problem in many urban communities. In Mondovi, said City Council member Gerry Rud, the birds perch on the taller buildings, scattering droppings in front of businesses.

In a unanimous vote earlier this week, the council passed a resolution allowing farmers inside the city limits to shoot pigeons feeding in their fields and roosting on their land. Rud said many options were considered, but that shooting the birds seemed most effective.

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“I think that’s probably the way to get rid of a bunch of them, but probably if you get them down a little bit, then (we’ll) do some trapping to get rid of them right downtown,” he said.

Rud said there’s also been discussions about the city’s goose dropping problem at a lakefront park, but no action is being taken at this time.